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Mailing Lists That Work! Direct Marketing--ListsThatWork
Mailing Lists That Work! Direct Marketing--Myllymaki & Company
America’s great outdoors and America’s hunger for a fit and healthy lifestyle are perfect mates.
These consumers have found meaningful recreation in camping, hiking, four-wheeling, and playing in the great outdoors. Most are family-oriented, and seek products and services, such as books, videos, tapes, and travel information that will help make plans for future adventure activities. Can select male (57%) or female, family (63%) or individual interest. 100% home addresses.

Average Order Value: $50.00
Card# 6903C
Total File: 162,453
Base Rental Price: $95/M
Selections available include (add $5/M)
01. City Slickers in the Great Outdoors 8,446
02. Family Camping Enthusiasts 20,088
03. Four-Wheel Driving Enthusiasts 14,851
04. Hiking, Canoeing, Rafting Tours 16,233
05. International Adventure Tours 3,173
06. Outdoor Adventure Tours 17,420
07. RV’s & Camping Trailer Trips 20,114
08. Sports Activities & Camps 9,397
09. Sports Utility Vehicle Tourists/Campers 52,731
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