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Datacard                 Summary
Book Publishing, Distribution & Responders Active professionals in the book publishing field, including suppliers, retail outlets, and self-publishing.
Business Book & Materials Buyers Executives, managers and entrepreneurs who have purchased books, manuals, and materials for training, increase and assess performance, provide safety awareness, define hiring and firing practices, inspire teamwork, and benefit supervisor relations. 250+ employees. Some phones available.
Business/Science/Health Book Buyers — Home / Office Direct mail buyers of professional, technical and scientific publications. At home, professional office, or business address. Some phones available.
Business Success Responders These businesses have invested in employee and executive training materials to improve their decision-making and management skills. 100% with Name of Principal Contact.
CD-ROM Reproducible Clip-Art Buyers Consumers, businesses, and professionals who purchased clip-art, reproductive information, and copy-ready books and pictures and CD-ROMS.
Ideal list for software, computers & peripherals, home-office supplies, video & audio catalogs, seminars and conferences, success motivation programs, business-to-business catalogs, and books.
Choice Performance Business Opportunity Buyers These home-based, small retail, and business opportunity buyers inquired and purchased informational materials on income increasing techniques developed by the Choice Performance consortium. Segments include small business, real estate investment, consulting services, retail, direct marketing catalogs, franchise offers, and e-commerce opportunities. 75% phones available. 76% at business address.
Compensation, Benefits & Labor Law Compliance Features the executives in charge of the programs who determine compensation and benefits, and who ensure compliance with labor law and regulation.
Continuing Education Enrolled Professionals This ambitious group of individuals take seriously career improvement programs, especially by enrolling in and completing. Continuing Education Programs to enhance their professional status provide the accreditation for advancement, to keep abreast of their industryís standards and developments, or to meet the educations commitments of their profession.
Continuing Education for Corporate Managers Executives that have broadened their expertise and skills by enrolling themselves and key managers in continuing education programs, including seminars, conferences, online programs, and courses at local colleges and universities. Sorted by job title. 87% with SIC code. 53% Phones.
CPAs & Accountants Responders Accounting professionals, managers and CPA's that purchased software and information to help them with their professional practice. 50% with SIC; 65% male; 65% phones. Some fax numbers available.
CPAs & Accountants Compiled Accounting professionals are excellent prospects for computer & office equipment & supplies, newsletters, manuals, seminars, books and all consumer type offers. Select by employee size, and phones available.
Executive Education Managers, Human Resource professionals, Training and Development specialists, and business owners who purchased books, manuals, courseware, seminars, videos, subscriptions, and consultants from some of the nation's leading publishers. These products help them increase employee performance; offer training in specific skills; improve supervisor and management techniques; assess employee performance; define hiring, recruiting and separation policies; provide safety awareness; and inspire teamwork. Mostly larger companies and organizations (250+ employees). Some phones available.
Financial & Accounting Professionals Finance professionals interested in software, business publications, seminars and conferences, management programs, consulting, and recruitment. 100% business address. Phones available.
First Impressions Advertising Specialty Buyers Small business enterprises, physician and other health care offices, who have purchased imprinted items for distribution to customers, prospects, and communities to increase their business or professional service. 100% with SIC code. 82% Phones.
Hi-Tech Early Adopters Consumer, Business & Professional Professionals, individuals and organizations who have recently purchased hi-tech hardware, facilities or software. 100% business addresses. 39% female. Some phones available.
Human Resource, Organizational Development, Personnel Dept & Training Executives and staff who are responsible for creating and implementing the programs that manage human resources.
Management, Human Resources, TQM Buyers Database Executives and managers who are committed to improving the effectiveness and productivity of their employees. Purchasers of high quality, full-color booklets and videos. Topics covered include: Customer Service, Delegation, Coaching & Feedback, Teamwork, Time Management, Critical Processes, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Goal Setting, Conflict Resolution, Managing Change. Also, a special focus on TQM/CQI allows selects on that basis. Professional executives and managers with purchasing and management authority.
Marketing & Sales Executives This unique collection of Marketing and Sales professionals set the standards for performance. Features executives, managers, and related professionals who manage the sales and marketing programs of the nation's best companies.
Mentoring, Education & Coaching Database Business people, entrepreneurs, and individuals who use mentors, coaches, and teachers to help improve their skills within their industry, or to increase their view of business and wealth-building. On this list: 44% SIC code. 100% with Telephone. 100% with Personal Name of Principal Contact. 62% Male.
Personnel Professionals The most complete list of Personnel Departments. SIC and telephones available on 90% of the records. All addresses include personal contact name and title. One-per-site screening is provided without extra charge if requested. 53% female.
Plant Manager Database This house database of Plant Managers identifies the key person in all types of manufacturing facilities and other businesses. Select by SIC to target your prospect and identify source of response. 88% male. Some phones and 100% SIC.
Professional & Executive Recruitment These HR Execs and Consultants manage recruitment programs for their corporations, institutions, or clients.
Professional Software Buyers All of these buyers registered their software license at the business address. They are listed by type of software.
Public Speaking, Writing & Presenting Purchasers of publications and seminars providing development courses to improve presentation skills, such as public speaking, presenting information and ideas (in person, on paper, or via the computer), writing, and follow through required in publication and distribution. 64% home address. 64% female.
Recession-Proof Small Business Entrepreneurs These innovative small business entrepreneurs have adapted or created new ways to earn and guarantee income for the tough economic conditions ahead. They have purchased sales leads, sales development programs, and services to enhance results. 58% male. No phones.
Seminar Attendees Individuals and business persons who attended conferences, seminars and like activities to improve their competitive edge, to increase their knowledge, and to look into business opportunities or ways to expand their businesses or careers. 75% phones available. 72% at business address.
Success Direct Business Book Buyers These enterpreneurs, business executives, and home office/small office business owners are actively engaged in increasing their business acumen through books, learning programs, and seminars.
Success Direct Business Recruitment Pros & Programs These human resources and personnel professionals have primary responsibility for recruitment policies and programs of their companies.
Success Direct Personal Empowerment These active baby boomers have invested in education programs, seminars, books and other services to change their lives into meaningful and productive activity.
Training & Development Responders From its roster of publishing and training company list owners, Myllymaki & Company has constructed this unique Training & Development database. Some phones available.
Volunteer Organizations, Professionals & Managers These volunteer organizations send or sponsor people to seminars and conferences, buy books and workbooks, software, and other tools to make them more effective.
Wisdom In The Workplace Initiative These employers and organizations purchased education and training materials to help employees, vendors, and their families maintain ethical and compassionate motivations at the job, at home, and in the community. 71% with phones. 74% with SIC code.
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