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Datacard                Summary
California Safety, Environmental & Hazardous Materials California sets the standard for environmental and employee safety compliance. California companies and business managers are usually the most aggressive in seeking solutions for these issues. California is the focus of many marketing programs aiming to fulfill environmental and safety needs.
Average Order Value: $99.00
Ecology & Environmental Professionals This list is based on databases of list management clients specializing in environmental issues and products, and is supplemented with the compiled files of these same companies.
ENN.com Green Business & Environmental Professionals Companies, executives, professionals, and scientists who have registered with ENN.com to receive bulletins on government policy, business trends and opportunities, and products for the development of sustainable energy, natural power generation, conservation, recycling projects and concepts, and green business and products.
Pollution & HAZMat Regulation & Enforcement These companies, environmental professionals, and government agencies monitor, control, and enforce environmental regulations.
Public Security & Safety These are responders to public health and health prevention and safety information products used to educate the public and increase public awareness of their services.
OSHA/EPA Multibuyers Publishers, seminar providers, training services, and consultants who have helped thousands of companies with the difficult task of compliance.
Safety, Environmental & Hazardous Materials This list contains prospects interested in environmental safety and hazerdous materials, from databases of list management clients, and is supplemented with the compiled files of these same companies.
Safety Success Response Database Companies that have purchased safety and hazardous materials training programs and materials for their employees. All available with SIC code. All records have personal contact name of Safety Manager or person responsible for employee safety training and coordination.
Safety Training Program Responders Professional Safety Managers, employers and Plant Managers who offered comprehensive training programs to their employees to reduce accidents on and off the job. Programs available by specific safety topic. 80% with phones. 10% with SIC code. 78% Male.
Worker's Compensation Back Safety Programs This premier file of back safety programs hits the key safety professionals and educators who work hard with inventive programs to cut the number one Worker's Compensation claim. 59% male. Some phones and 100% SIC.
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