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Mailing Lists That Work! Direct Marketing--Myllymaki & Company
Dieters By Special Interest
T hese dieters seek better health, disease prevention, greater energy and well being, and not just to limit weight gain. They also believe a good diet is the best bet for looking better. 100% Home Address. 61% Female. 46% Phones.

Average Order Size: $49.00
100% Response
Card# 6955C
Total File: 238,956
Base Rental Price: $95/M 
Selections available include (add $5/M)
01. Cholesterol Control 32,317
02. Complexion & Skin Health 17,683
03. Fiber Supplements 23,495
04. Low Fat Intake 35,385
05. Sugar Reduction/Substitutes 50,353
06. Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements 24,870
07. Weight Control 54,853
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