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Datacard                Summary
Activity & Recreation Directors These are professionals engaged in providing recreation, activities, and physical or mental therapy programs at health care, elder care, and public service facilities.
Addiction Treatment & Behavior Modification Database This list includes the professionals who treat addictions and other destructive behaviors and consumer families who purchased books on topics to help them improve themselves or a loved one. 45% with Telephone. 100% with Personal Name of Principal Contact. 64% Female.
Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Education Programs This mailing list consists of pre-eminent health educators, employer programs, public health directors, policy makers, school health professionals, and health care organizations who are caretakers of alcohol and tobacco programs.
American Indian Schools & Public Health Programs Indian government, education, and health organizations receive substantial funding for health information, prevention programs, and education programs. These are excellent prospects to add to your mailing for products offering these services.
Behavioral Science Publishing Buyers of a publisher's Resource Directory of Education & Prevention that is recognized as the standard reference in the industry to help stop substance abuse, including tobacco and alcohol. Other products of the company include workbooks, cessation guides, videos, CD-Rom training programs, conferences and seminars. 23% with SIC code. 39% Female. 49% Phones.
Case Managers A list of case managers complied from various sources. No phones available. 100% at business address. Average Order Value: $195.00
Childbirth Education, Pregnancy, Women's Health Database Childbirth education, pregnancy coaching & training, and specialized women’s health care services. List useful for health information, books, videos, women’s products, pharmaceutical products, baby and children products, catalogs, clothing, and other offers. Average Order Value: $100.00
Diabetes Educators These professional health educators work in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices to offer diabetes education to families and communities. No phones available. 72% Female. Average Order Size: $49
Education, Schools, & Student Health Programs These educators and school institutions purchased materials to implement the health education programs, or to provide assistance to at-risk students.
Health Care Administration This database was created by a major health care administration publisher for their catalog program. Their specialty is to train all types of health care administrators and managers about forthcoming changes in the basic coding documents and procedures. This list has offered excellent deliverability and results. Some phones available. Average Order Value: $195.00
Health Care Management Training Thousands of health care professionals in hospitals, clinics, medical practices, and labs. Topics include: Personnel Management, Medical Records, Unit Secretary, Charge Nurse, Nurse Management, Practice Management, Quality Assurance, Employee Safety, Security, and dozens of others. Their needs include manuals, seminars, newsletter and bulletin subscriptions and employee training materials. Average Order Value: $295.00
Health Care & Services for the Aged This database features the organizations and professionals who expect to provide health and retirement services to this increasing population of clients. This list is an ideal choice for health and business journal subscriptions; managed care manuals and information products; software and systems; health & safety supplies; video, audio and other publishing products; business books; business-to-business catalogs; seminars & conferences; and health education products.
Health Care Services & Professionals This database of health care services & professionals is constructed from the response and prospect databases of list management clients. 85% of the file at business address. No phones available
Health Education Response Buyers A mailing list of prevention and health education professionals who manage and coordinate programs and provide health and patient education. They are seminar and converence attendees, and active purchasers of publications, videos, software, and programs from a variety of products and interest: health promotion, women’s health, medical topics, counseling, self-help and therapy. Average Order Value: $150.00
Health & Wellness Professionals & Programs Health & Wellness, Health Promotion, and Community Health professionals who focus on the preventative measures of weight, diet, fitness, behavioral medicine, stress, relaxation techniques, self-esteem, and relationships. These buyers purchased information and incentive products. 64% female. Some phones available.
Hospital & Health Care Patient Education & Health Promotion Hospitals and clinics are large business enterprises, managed by professional executives and managers. These selects focus on the education and promotion business of these health care institution. Phone numbers are available with all records.
Hospital Personnel Hospital personnel, listed by specialty. Phones and Fax available.
Medical Records, Coding & Health Information Medical records professionals who are active buyers of health information products, including journal subscriptions, software & systems, books, conferences and seminars, and management tools. Phones available. Average Order Value: $99.00
Nurses Nurses purchase medical and health care supplies, office supplies, equipment, treatments, books, and seminars. 85% Female.
Nurse Responders This database offers RNs at home addresses, and at business address. 85% female. Average Order Value: $149.00
Nursing Home & Geriatric Professionals These professionals and their institutions purchase health education, activity resources, patient and family information materials, website services and a host of other products and services from the list owners. 65% phones available. 100% at business address. Average Order Value: $195.00
Physician & Health Care Direct Marketing Responders Physicians and other health care professionals and office managers who manage general business. They buy office supplies, manage patients (customer service), promote their practice, perform administration and accounting, manage employees, and comply with labor and OSHA laws and requirements. All of the addresses are at office address.
Public Health Professionals & Programs Health institutions and professionals who responded to offers for publications to assist in the education of their departments via catalogs and other direct mail offers. Topics included general health, substance abuse, safe sex, pregnancy and childbirth, and related issues. There are no duplications among the selects below. All are categorized by major interest or institution/ professional type. 61% female. Some phones available. Average Order Value: $99.00
Radiation Therapy & Cancer Professionals These select offer a complete overview of cancer diagnosis and treatment. These responders ordered material to fulfill patient education and informed consent requirements.
Rehabilitation Responders List of rehab specialists sorted by discipline. These health care professionals are in hot demand by recruiters, health care product companies, publishers, and other direct marketers.
Rehab Response Buyers These health care professionals, who have purchased books, education materials and seminars, are in hot demand by recruiters, health care product companies, publishers and other direct marketers. Average Order Value: $150.00
Retirement Facilities & Services for the Aging This list is an ideal choice for health journal & newsletter subscriptions; in-service training and health education products; nutritional supplements: video, audio and other publishing products; catalogs; seminars & conferences; health care administration systems software; and financial & insurance services. Phone numbers are available.
Smoking Cessation Programs These responders purchased health education material about smoking, smokeless tobacco, second-hand smoke, addiction, and other health issues.
Speech Pathologist & Audiologists This new list of Speech Pathology and Audiology Specialists targets the best responders in this industry.
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