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Mailing Lists That Work! Direct Marketing--ListsThatWork
Mailing Lists That Work! Direct Marketing--Myllymaki & Company
The population of seniors over 65 increases each year as baby boomers age. Competition to serve this affluent group also increases, and manifests in the form of additional services and promotions. These professionals and their institutions purchase health education, activity resources, patient and family information materials, website services and a host of other products and services from the list owners. 65% phones available. 100% at business address.

Average Order Value: $195.00
Card# 3801M
Total File: 54,922
Base Rental Price: $95/M
Selections available include (add $5/M)
01. Nursing Home Activity Directors 11,321
02. Nursing Home Administrators 5,106
03. Nursing Home Marketing Directors 4,225
04. Nursing Home Physical Therapy Directors 2,327
05. Nursing Home In-service Directors 7,117
06. Nursing Home Managed Care Directors 1,286
07. Nursing Home Advanced Directives Coordinators 2,788
08. Retirement Center Directors 6,979
09. Senior Centers/Senior Day Care 4,645
10. Assisted Living Centers 2,496
11 Therapeutic Recreation Specialists 1,500
12. Geriatric Case Managers 1,001
13. Bereavement Support Groups 4,131
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