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Mailing Lists That Work! Direct Marketing--ListsThatWork
Mailing Lists That Work! Direct Marketing--Myllymaki & Company
Retiree Entrepreneurs
R etiring individuals are fitter then ever and will live longer then their parents. They retain their productive and ambitious dreams to earn and save more money by using the skills, resources, and ideas they have developed through a lifetime of work. They also are practical, fearing that they will outlive their savings and pensions, or are motivated to leave a legacy behind for their grown children. These are prime prospects for financial services, business opportunity proposals, books and information, seminars, training and education programs, travel offers, office supplies, computers and software, and communications. All are listed at their home address and show their business interest. 100% Home Address. 51% Female. 51% Phones

Average Order Value: $299.00
100% Response
Card# 6956C
Total File: 184,755
Base Rental Price: $95/M 
Selections available include (add $5/M)
01. Business Consulting 20,825
02. Business Services (Bookkeeping, Administration) 15,158
03. Computer Services & Consulting 14,320
04. Direct Marketing/Internet Sales 9,907
05. Financial Consulting 10,104
06. Home & Personal Services 16,763
07. Information Brokers/Publishing 7,441
08. Interior Design & Decoration 7,983
09. Management Consulting 21,936
10. Marketing & Graphic Arts 23,694
11. Real Estate Investment & Management 32,494
12. Travel Services & Hospitality 4,130
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