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7 Marketing Tips
for a Successful Mail Campaign

1. Benefits! Always stress benefits throughout your mail piece.

2. Test! Every mail campaign should include a number of new lists to test. That number depends upon the size of your mailing and what new lists match your profile.

3. Easy to read letter. A letter that looks easy to read will keep the prospect interested. This will give you more leads and orders.

4. Consider exchanging names with files similar to your profile. This will reduce your cost, but usually gives you the most recent and responsive names in their file.

5. Consider remailing to "multi-buyers". Multi-buyers are the names that are duplicates from more than one file. They are valuable prospects since they may have purchased or donated more than once. And you have already paid for these names.

6. Ask for action. Make it easy to order- ask for the order, have a toll-free phone number, take credit cards and include a postage-paid reply card or envelope.

7. Try for a quick response. Have a deadline: ask the prospect to "act now".

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